MK-Ultra: Adakah anda terkawal?

The term mind control refers to forced psychological techniques, brainwashing, thought reform and dominating persuasions. MK-Ultra reportedly started in the 1950's, where the US developed techniques and technologies to control your thoughts and behavior from anywhere in the world. What it is used for is to manipulate a persons beliefs, their attitudes and their personality without ever even having their consent or them knowing about it.

To accomplish this, the persons 'handler' had to first deconstruct the persons mind. They did this through a process called electro-convulsion therapy, meant to manipulate mental states and alter brain functions by using drugs, hypnosis, sensory and sleep deprivation, extreme isolation, verbal and sexual abuse and technology. The victim’s mind was also encouraged to create a multiple personality. This alternate personality was shaped to complete all goals the handler wanted them to complete, making the victim into a mental slave perfect for carrying out all duties they are programmed to complete without them ever even knowing. I could go further into this, however today's post is all about giving you some signs that you are in fact under this same MK-Ultra mind control.

The first sign I want to talk about is a faint high pitched ringing in your ears, or better yet a low pitched humming sound that won't go away, no matter what you do. This is a common trait in those who are in fact under mind control. This comes from the frequencies, energies and vibrations it takes to control someones mind. Often times these frequencies can be heard, and is a sign that you are a victim.

Tanda seterusnya yang ingin saya bicarakan hari ini, seperti yang peliknya, adalah penumpukan selulit yang luar biasa di sekitar otot yang anda gunakan dengan baik. Saya tahu itu terdengar pelik, tetapi ini adalah tanda pendedahan kawalan minda gelombang mikro setelah beberapa bulan ia berlaku. Sekiranya ini berlaku kepada anda tanpa sebab ... anda mungkin mempunyai pawang yang mengawasi setiap pergerakan anda.

Tanda ketiga yang ingin saya bicarakan hari ini adalah getaran badan yang diubah. Ini adalah getaran pelik yang anda rasakan di seluruh badan atau kepala anda. Ini menunjukkan bahawa anda disasarkan kerana getaran ini mungkin merupakan reaksi badan anda terhadap tenaga yang dipancarkan pada anda. Kedengarannya menakutkan, dan anda betul ... betul!

The fourth sign today are strange voices, plasma statics or electronic sounds in your head. This suggests mind control for the same reasons above. Mind control methods are many, and the public I am sure doesn't even know the extent of it. The common thing is it is all energy based. Whether it is microwave beams, sonic beams, radio beams - no matter what it is, they all have vibrations and frequencies that our minds and bodies pick up. This is yet another sign you are a victim.

This sign is a very common one. The fifth sign of mind control are extreme mood swings. These are sudden mood swings that lead to immediate depression, anxiety, anger - or on the other hand, extreme uncontrollable laughter, crying or the sense of 'giddiness'. Often times this is diagnosed as bipolar disease, but is a strong sign of mind control. The brain can only take so much energy, and when these MK-Ultra beams are constantly hitting you, your brain is going to temporarily act like a fried egg, tampering with your emotions and body chemicals, paving the way for these extreme mood swings. Sometimes it is a bipolar depression - but sometimes it is a symptom of mind control.

The sixth sign are body pains. If you find that your insides are just hurting for no reason, such as your organs, chest, muscles - you have extreme headaches and even your very bones hurt. This suggests that you are a target again, because of these microwave beams, among other things, that are targeted at you .. in efforts to control you, twist your mind, program you - create a personality inside of you that you don't even know of - so that when the time is right, it will surface to fulfill it's duty. This is all done by energy, and it does effect our physical bodies. So if you are having body pains, it is yet another sign of MK-Ultra.

This sign may be a scary one, but all mind control victims experience it. This symptom is the sense that you are outside of your own thoughts and mind. The reason this can be scary, is because this is when you are not even in control of your own mind, and you feel outside of it, as if on a cloud, not in control of your body and actions. This is different from day dreaming - even though they have similar feelings. This is a sense of disassociation, and is exactly what they are programming you to do. To detach from your mind and body, so they can allow that other personality to sweep right in when you are weak, and you won't even know or really care. You are detached - and you are starting to feel it sometimes. This is a huge red flag - you are most likely under some sort of mind control.

The last sign that I want to talk about today is memory loss. Yes, we all have it from time to time, but this is different. This can be just short little blackouts that you have, to short little lapses of memory loss - some people call them 'brain farts' - and it can go all the way up to you losing whole hours or days, and not remembering a darn thing. Not even a little fuzzy, it is just gone. This is scary, because these memory lapses or blackouts are when that dual personality comes in, the one you don't know about, and it is doing whatever it is programmed to do. This is when you really know that something is going on, and literally all signs point to MK-Ultra - mind control.

Pengendalian minda adalah perkara yang menakutkan, dan alasannya tidak berkesudahan mengapa seseorang itu dapat diprogramkan. Terdapat kes-kes MK-Ultra yang didokumentasikan, seperti pembunuhan Kennedy, di mana Lee Harvey Oswald dituduh membawa plot pembunuhan itu, hanya untuk mengatakan selepas itu bahawa dia tidak ingat akan keseluruhan peristiwa itu. Dia tidak pernah berniat melakukan hal seperti itu, dan walaupun media mengatakan, di bawah berjam-jam penyelidikan, tidak ada yang dapat membuktikan bahawa dia telah merancang acara itu. Dia telah disingkirkan, yang menyebabkan banyak spekulator percaya bahawa dia berada di bawah MK-Ultra. Saya boleh melangkah lebih jauh lagi, namun saya hanya ingin menyatakan. Itu hanya satu kes kawalan minda daripada berjuta-juta.

Most people under mind control wont ever even know that they are being targeted, and the symptoms may set in slowly as the techniques sink in. Personalities and attitudes will change. Family and friends will start to get worried. Victims most always degenerate and react to their mind’s invasion. People with mind control symptoms are stereotyped with schizophrenia or a mental illness. Their reputation is ruined completely, allowing the mind control to continue, so that when it comes time for them to carry out what they were programmed to do, they are already labeled as 'crazy', and the handlers are free to do it all over again. It is a never ending cycle. So if these signs today apply to you, you are most likely under mind control.

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