Kuarza yang dikenakan khas

Sometimes getting a standard charged crystal just isn't enough. There are specific things that we all go through, whether it be a breakup, a court case, a bad relationship, a tough time at work, finding a job and things like that. It is hard to find a custom charged quartz piece these days, but you no longer have to keep searching. 


RVP now offers custom charged quartz crystal pieces. What this means, is I take the information you provide me, such as your name, your situation and what you want this crystal to be charged with, and I sit down, take this crystal piece in my hand, and charge your exact intentions into this crystal. When you receive it in the mail, keep it with you. Whatever you wanted charged into this crystal will manifest into your world eventually. It is sort of like a wish, within means. You can't push the energy to win the lottery, or have a house given to you, or for a Ford Mustang to suddenly appear in your driveway. Those things are not realistic for anyone. This is to be used for manifesting realistic things into your life. A solid career, a better love life, a court case decision, to keep your man in your life ~ things within reason. 


Crystals come from a quartz mine in India, where they are shipped directly to me. Size, shapes and colors of the quartz pieces will vary depending on what I am sent. They are not shaped, carved, colored or chizzled. They come in their most natural form. Packages are shipped via USPS First Class Shipping in a discrete black envelope to ensure your privacy. Shipping times vary depending on where you live. All orders are shipped out within 48 hours of the time they come in. One quartz piece per order.


Crystals make excellent gifts for family and friends! Share this with them too! Secure your custom charged quartz piece today.


RVP Platform menawarkan penghantaran percuma ke semua kristal bersama dengan hadiah percuma juga!

Kuarza yang dikenakan khas

$ 30.99Harga
  • Syarat pengembalian:

    Semua penjualan adalah muktamad dengan kristal yang dikenakan. Bayaran balik dan pulangan tidak disediakan. Terima kasih.

  • Catatan:

    Pesanan termasuk satu kepingan kristal kuarza yang dikenakan. Ukuran, bentuk dan warna mungkin berbeza. Potongan kuarza yang sebenarnya mungkin mempunyai kerepek atau ding, tetapi ia dihantar dalam bentuk yang paling semula jadi, tepat seperti yang berasal dari lombong kuarza. Anda akan merasakan tenaga itu dengan segera.

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    Platform RVP sentiasa menerima pelanggan baru dan sekarang terdapat 24 / 7. Tidak kira keperluan anda, anda tidak keseorangan. Selamat sesi anda hari ini.

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